Laughter Yoga Singapore

Laugh for No Reason



Are you able to laugh many times a day?

If not then maybe you are stopping yourself from enjoying the lighter side of life.

Let's take a look at the difference between conditional laughter and unconditional laughter and how you can start laughing unconditionally and how it can benefit you.

Conditional Laughter - Adults laugh only if our intellect decides something is funny and it is appropriate for us to laugh. We laugh if the laughter trigger meets our conditions for laughter.

  • Do I think this is funny? 
  • Is it a good idea to laugh in this place? 
  • Should I laugh with these people? 
  • Is it politically correct to laugh at this? 

Unconditional Laughter - We laugh because we decide to laugh. It makes us feel good and joyful.

  • Feel energized because laughter is an excellent aerobic and cardio workout. 
  • Be healthier because laughter oxygenates your blood. 
  • Makes you feel happy and joyful because laughter releases anti-depressants and painkillers from the brain.  

Learn to laugh unconditionally!

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